Bob LeBlanc

Born in Southeast Texas, a sportsman's paradise,  where nature's beauty spreads over the rivers, coastal wetlands, sand dunes, and beaches.

Bob has hunted and fished this corner of Texas since 1938 and has wonderful memories of his many outdoor experiences.

The bayous and marshes have been a second home and a classroom full of subjects that most people will only see on paper or canvas.

The detail in his work is indeed unique and is said to be world class by other artists.  He is not limited to any one subject and has  been commissioned to do portraits, pets, old home places, seashore, waterfowl and western pictures.

He has art in Alaska, Canada, New Mexico, North Carolina, California, Erie PA and a number of cities across Texas.  They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so with that in mind we invite you to view Bob's website.

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